1001Smiles.com: How a little boy who lost his own life ended up giving life-changing surgery to 1,000 suffering children...




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Since sharing the news of Sean's "1001 Smiles" Project providing surgery for 1000 children,

people have been inspired to donate to Smile Train in memory of little Sean Denlinger-

alleviating the suffering of even more children who have been desperately hoping for help.



We thank the following persons for donating

additional surgeries (besides the original 1000) in memory of Sean:


*Mr. Scott Leeds (Sean's malpractice attorney)

*Mrs. Rosario Fernandez

*Mr. Jorge Fernandez

*Mr. Ron Denlinger

*Mrs. Jane Denlinger

*Mr. Terry Odoms

*Mrs. Julie Odoms

*Mr. Scott Denlinger

*Mrs. Alicia Denlinger

Mrs. Amy Simpson

Mr. William Henley

Mrs. Myra Henley

DUKE power, NC

The Padin family

Mr. Fred Schiff of All County Music

The students of the Coral Way Middle School Band

Mrs. Eunice Iturralde

Mr. Pablo Iturradle

Mrs. Miriam Hernandez

The students of the Ransom Everglades Middle School Band

Ms. Cathi Leibinger

Mr. Luis Brande

Mr. Arnold Vidal

Miss Christianne Medrano



*Addtl thanks for special support during the struggle

to make Sean's 1001 Smiles project a reality




If you would like to make an on-line donation in memory of Sean Denlinger

(or any loved one) in order to help a child receive free cleft lip/palate surgery

please click on direct link to Smile Train's official website: http://www.smiletrain.org


100% of your donation will be used for that child- just read their Webpage!


$250 (the cost of an outfit) sends one boy or girl into the operating room for a

chance at a new life, but Smile Train will be grateful for any donation!


If you cannot donate, thank you for caring enough to read about Sean's story

and if you can, please fwd this site to anyone who might be interested.



Your fwd might just end up

saving a little boy or girl's life!