1001Smiles.com: How a little boy who lost his own life ended up giving life-changing surgery to 1,000 suffering children...

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Medical Mishaps Suffered by Sean Denlinger


The subject discussed in this section is upsetting and may not be appropriate

reading for under-age persons, however, we feel it is too important to share.


To omit this would be an injustice to his memory.


This is Sean's Story: what he endured- the tragic chain of events that led to

his legacy which provided this life-changing surgery to so many children.




If you are 18 or older and wish to honor Sean by reading his story

and learning the details of the medical errors/events






If you are under 18 years of age, please respect this family's wishes and go back to

our home page and enjoy the pictures of Sean's "1001 Smiles" Varanasi, India celebration