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Sean's 1001 Smiles Project: "Extra" India Trip Pics


Jaipur Pictures


After a few days visiting Delhi and Agra we were driven by car to the city of Jaipur.


Jaipur streets were very exciting (Cars, street vendors, cows, dogs, monkeys and rickshaws everywhere) and the beautiful palaces and castle views were fantastic!


Accompanying us again in Jaipur was Smile Train Project Manager Ashish, who by now had spent enough time with us to make us all feel like old friends.


A surprise gift, courtesy of Ashish: a unexpected chance

to visit yet another Smile Train Clinic (Apex Hospital in Jaipur)







THE END!!  (of our time in Jaipur)













 The day we've dreamed of for years...

off to Varanasi to meet some

of our "1001 Smiles" kids!




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